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Product Development Timeline


MVP Indoor Flight Test

Performance Verification by Malaysia Book of record


Aircraft Type-certification Planning and Design

Mapping and Planning Aircraft Functions with EASA Certification Requirement

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Design Strategy


Parametric Study

Concept Design

Detail Design

Specified the aircraft requirement. The certification specification of the Special Condition Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft are taken into consideration in the design strategy of ETN200 as well as:​

  • Payload weight 200kg

  • Endurance range 45km

  • Vertical take-off and landing

  • Autonomous control system

  • Driven by electric power plant

  • Safety features during loading/unloading

  • Seamless integration with the current logistic operation

Perform a detailed design parametric study on the system architecture to fulfill the functional breakdown of the aircraft based on the special condition vertical take-off and landing certification specifications.

Develop a design concept based on the parametric study's outcome to deliver the specifications needed for the certification and boost its commercialization value.

Detail design with analytical analysis and simulation on the airframe and system. Generation of engineering drawing, engineering order, report, and procurements of parts and components.

Consultation with the Relevant Authority

Consult with the stakeholder of the aircraft certification such as CAAM, MCMC, JUPEM, and SIRIM to get their input and for further design progress.

Manufacturing, Laboratory Test, and Integration

Manufacture the part as required according to engineering order and engineering drawing. The system will be tested at the every stage of development to ensure its reliability. 

Controlled Environment Test

Perform laboratory tests on the airframe and system to determine and verify analytical analysis on the capability, functionality, and performance of the design.

  • Wind tunnel test

  • Static and dynamic thrust test

  • Structure test

  • Battery endurance test

  • Power plant test

  • Energy Management test

  • Motor and ESC test

  • Propellers balance test

  • Electrical and EMC test

  • Full system test

Field Testing

  • Flight control system gain tuning

  • Environmental chamber test

  • Emergency battery endurance test

  • Structure test

  • Sensor control calibration

  • Full system test

  • Indoor flight hover test

Special Flight Permit

To seek approval from CAAM for flight testing permit.

  • Related engineering order, engineering drawing, and report

  • Engineering material specification

  • Master equipment list

  • Minimum master equipment list

  • Configuration list

  • Minutes of meeting preparation

  • Design acceptance strategy report

Flight Testing

To perform the mission flight test.

  • Outdoor flight hover test

  • Communication quality and range test

  • Mission flight test

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Publication

To seek approval from CAAM for flight testing.

  • Operation manual

  • Maintenance manual

  • Flight manual

  • Illustrated part catalogue

Type Certification

To seek approval from CAAM for type certification based on EASA-SC-VTOL-01 and DO 160 for aircraft certification and airworthiness.


Pre commercialization of ETN200

In cooperated widely

We will work closely with established industry leaders and local governments to help bring our ideas to reality.

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