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Composites Engineer

Job Description

You are a composites engineer in charge of designing and manufacturing all molds and assembly devices required for the development of ETN200 along the whole process chain. You come up with ideas and designs for molds and devices that will be used to make composite parts and assemblies.

Your main tasks are:

  • Drive “Design for Manufacturing” for serial production standards.

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art composite technologies like Prepreg and Resin Transfer Moulding to create composite lay-up and curing tools.

  • Design jig fixtures for main assembly and subassembly.

  • Establishment of reliable manufacturing processes and the capacity to demonstrate rate capability.

  • Managing relationships with outside mould design and production firms.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Engineering or Process Engineering or equivalent.

  • Familiar with Carbon and Glass fiber reinforced plastics as well as other composites.                      

  • Experienced in the field of composite mold design and the design of assembly devices.

  • English on a conversational level.

  • Experienced in the successful completion of a high-value composite product.

Additional Skills

  • Experience in flying a drone (e.g., DJI or Autel).

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